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M11H Electric Scooter 72V 58MPH 7000W

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M11 60V SPEC. M11H 72V SPEC.

Dual Motors-3000wx2    

Dual Motors-3500wx2    

Up to 50Mph

Up to 58Mph

60V31.5AH - Up to 60Miles

72V36AH - Up to 68Miles

Wheel:11 inch

Wheel:11 inch

Load capacity: 330 LBS

Load capacity: 330 LBS

Acrylic Multicolor Light Deck

Acrylic Multicolor Light Deck + Stem

 The YUME M11 Series

The new YUME M11 is an updated version of the off-road electric scooter. This is the new strength in our line-up, with more power, superior control, a domineer, personalized look and some of the best specs ever. It is adaptable to almost all road conditions and all terrains and guess what, it also has an incredible levitating feel.

What are the Cores of M11?

The M11 is much more than simply another high-speed scooter, it is an electric scooter which provides high-power and speed for all riders, heavy riders included. Now you need to know that there are two versions of the M11.

  • The basic M11 is equipped with 60V 35A SINEWAVE twin controllers and 6000W peak-power motors. Stable and solid start, smooth and comfortable driving experience, and excellent operation experience are some of the deliverables it offers.
  • Meanwhile the high version M11H is equipped with 72V 45A intelligent square wave twin controllers to push its 7000W dual brushless DC motor to incredible levels. Of course, the YUME high-speed custom motor is suitable for all scooter enthusiasts but with a more powerful speed experience, stable and solid start and incredible acceleration power, the high version M11 will no doubt blow the minds of thrill-seeking pro scooter riders.

High Performance Battery and Durable Battery Life

The basic M11 sports a 60V 35Ah spec with a range of 60 miles while the high version M11H boasts of a 72V 36Ah capacity with a range of 68 miles, amazing travel range capacity provided by the scooter's high-performance power lithium battery. The M11's battery is also equipped with diverse ranges of protection against overcurrent, short-circuit, temperature abnormality, over-receiving, over-discharge, and under-voltage automatic sleep. Of course, it boasts of other safety features as well. Added to the user possibilities' package is that M11 supports 5A fast-charging and dual-charging. The scooter's charging performance is also optimized for safety.

Superb Riding Experience

The M11 features a super efficient shock absorber, optimized suspension tuning mechanism and an upgraded suspension design. In addition, the M11 is equipped with two specially designed 11" off-road tires, both of which are extra wide for improved grip and control, as well as greater shock absorption, giving the YUME M11 an incredible levitating yet comfy ride. Whether you're riding across the city, mountain, or even moving on potholes, you'll have a great operating experience as you cruise by.

Smart Display and Easy Control

The YUME M11's smart screen displays the gear, speed rate, and battery level. With the M11's 3 speed adjustments, 2 power modes and dual-motor control, you can easily control its power and speed. So, say hello to top-tier control while riding.

Thrill Meets Safety

To subdue the beast, we equipped the M11 with 160mm front and rear hydraulic motor brakes and cooling fins that exceed the industry's standard. Compared to the traditional disc brakes, the hydraulic brakes' feel and sensitivity are greatly improved while cooling is also made much better. This provides a clean and neat stop and of course, the feeling of driving without fears or worries. At the same time, M11 is also equipped with the electronic ABS system to guarantee a better braking capacity, even at high-speed. Now you know safety and reliability will always remain one of the cores of YUME.

Matrix Lighting System

M11 boasts of a superior lighting system. It features two matrix square headlights and dozens of LED light sources - basically, it's a break-through-the-dark-night scooter which aids clearer night vision. The full set lighting for safe riding and clearer vision includes brake lights, turn signals, horns, and adjustable color mood lights (7 basic colors and hundreds of light modes). With this superior lighting system, there's just no fear of riding even on dark and long nights.


  • M11 Color Mood Lights: Deck
  • M11H Color Mood Lights: Deck + stem+rear foot support

Strong, compact, stable and solid

M11 adopts a thickened aero-grade aluminum alloy frame which generally prevents deform and corrosion, while also ensuring all-round support strength for all scooter parts, comprehensively improving the safety factor of the scooter. The scooter also sports a widened 720mm long-length handle which can be effortlessly adjusted in height and angle, making it easy and comfortable to grasp while riding.

5 second folding system

Brake light and turn signal

Anniversary Deck sticker


  • Motor: 7000 watt BLDC Dual Hub Motors
  • Max Speed: 72v - Up to 58+MPH (depending on rider's weight, state of charge, road conditions, etc.)
  • Battery: 72V 36Ah
  • Range: 68Miles
  • Hill Grade: 35-45° (depending on rider's weight, hill slope and state of charge etc.)
  • Tire: 11" Off Road Tires
  • Brake: Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Suspension: Front and Rear KS Spring Suspension
  • Lights: 2 Big Square Front Led Lights + Brake light + Turn signal + Horn
  • IP Rating: IP 54 for the whole scooter
  • Weight: 122lbs/55.8KG
  • Charger: 6-8hours
  • Maximum load: 330lbs/150KG

What's in the box? 

  • Electric scooter
  • 2*2A Chargers
  • User Manual
  • Remote key for Colorful Lights
  • YUME Front Bag (gift)
  • Multitool
  • Tire Pump


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