2000W Stand Up YUME D4+ Review

Enjoy going to spots in the city. The Yume D4+ Scooter comes with two powerful 1,000-watt electric

motors in each wheel, giving it a blistering top speed of 40 miles per hour so you can safely use it

in the city and keep up with traffic. It is faster than the competition and can travel uphill. You will

have no problem riding on the street or traversing alleys to cut your commute. It is among the best

scooters for sale today, as it has more power and capability than similarly-priced models. The

Yume D4+ Electric Scooter is available in a beautiful black color scheme. If you want a city scooter

that already has top-tier performance that requires no upgrade, the Yume D4+ Stand Up Scooter

is for you. Aside from the powerful drivetrain, the scooter comes with 10-inch air-filled tires with a

top-tier six-spring suspension setup that makes the ride more controllable. Expect this scooter

to remain controllable on most surfaces and go over rough terrain without a hitch.


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