Feature-Filled Electric Scooter: YUME Y10 Review

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July 27, 2021 by Andrew from gotscooter

A Surprisingly Cheap and Feature-Filled Electric Scooter: YUME Y10 Review

The YUME Y10 has so many features at an affordable price point, this electric scooter gets my best bang for the buck award!

The YUME Y10 e-scooter features dual 1200 watt motors, 10 inch hybrid off-road tires, motorcycle grade suspension, loud horn, turn signal indicators, and keyed entry.

The YUME Y10 escooter impressed me and Jimmy. However, no escooter is perfect and there are a few issues I would like for YUME to improve upon. In this review, we will tell you what we loved and hated about the YUME Y10.

Top 10 things I love about the YUME Y10 escooter

  • High value buy
  • Dual Chargers
  • 10 inch hybrid tires
  • Hydraulic suspension
  • Adjustable stem
  • Horn
  • Offroad capabilities
  • Dual 1200 watt motors
  • Keyed entry
  • Comfortable ride

Does the YUME Y10 come with one or two chargers?

When escooters have dual charging ports, they should include dual chargers with the escooter.

Thank you, YUME, for sending all your scooters with two chargers if the scooters have the option for dual charging. Most manufacturers only send one charger, and will upsell you a second charger. I love that YUME escooter pricing is great and they don’t try to nickel and dime you for a second charger.

The faster you can charge up, the faster you can be back on the road, and the more smiles you can produce! You can also keep on charger at home and one at work to charge.

 What type of tires on the YUME Y10 escooter?

The YUME Y10 features 10×3.0 inch TUOVT tube-in pneumatic hybrid off-road tires. These tires are some of my favorite 10 inch tires because they are designed for off-roading, but have rounded edges to be used on smooth pavement.

I love hybrid tires, so I can keep my options open when cruising on my escooter.

What type of suspension does the YUME Y10 have?

The YUME Y10 features two types of suspension. The front features two motorcycle grade hydraulic suspensions that make for a comfortable ride. The rear features a 155 mm spring suspension.

How adjustable is the stem height on the YUME Y10?

The YUME Y10 features a stem that can be adjusted from 36 to 43 inches from the deck. The handlebars are also collapsible, so you can fold the scooter to a small footprint.

The adjustable stem also features fixed holes to lock the stem at fixed heights and to prevent the stem from sliding down.

Does the YUME Y10 have a bell or horn?

The YUME Y10 features a motorcycle grade horn. The horn is great for alerting vehicles. However, I can find a loud motorcycle grade horn can really piss off pedestrians.

When I come across pedestrians, I like to simply say, “on your left” or “excuse me” because I don’t want to upset them blasting them with a horn.

Is the YUME Y10 designed for off-roading?

I have yet to find a suitable off-roading scooter that is under $1500… until I found the YUME Y10. With dual motors, hybrid off-road tires, and motorcycle grade suspension, the YUME Y10 rips off-roading trails.

The only issue I find with off-roading is the flex in the stem. I do wish the stem was more stiff because I hate any stem movement.

Dual motors for the win!

I will choose a dual motor scooter over a single motor scooter any day. Hills and steep inclines are the kryptonite to single motor scooters.

The dual 1200 watt motors on the YUME Y10 provide plenty of power to keep up speed on inclines and single tracks.

Does the YUME Y10 have any security features?

The YUME Y10 features keyed entry. The keyed entry is the traditional version we see on most scooters with the volt reader. Keyed entry is nice for added security, but you should always double up by locking your escooter with a good lock.

 Is the YUME Y10 comfortable for long rides?

When I choose a scooter for long rides, the first thing I think of is suspension and deck size. The Y10 doesn’t have the biggest deck but it’s long with the added kick plate area.

The long deck combined with the motorcycle suspension, helps make the YUME Y10 comfortable on longer rides.

I wish the LED strip ran across the entire length of the deck

When I think of YUME, I think of lots of LED lights. The YUME Y10 has so many features, but they don’t have the lights that I normally see on other YUME scooters. I wish they would have at least ran the LED strip down the whole side of the scooter.

 A little quality control goes a long way

 YUME scooters are very budget friendly. However, they could use a little more quality control. If they could create better packaging, they would have less shipping issues.

Our grip tape came cut incorrectly, and I needed to trim it a little bit. One stem button wasn’t locking into place, so I had to cut a metal paint shaving off. I don’t mind doing little things like that, but quality control should have caught the issues.

Stem lock needs to be redone

My biggest grip with YUME scooters is their stem locking mechanism. I did not like the stem lock on the YUME X7, and I hate the stem lock on the YUME Y10.

I have never had any issues with my folding mechanism not working on either YUME scooter I have reviewed. However, the stem locking mechanism does not give me confidence in my safety.

I have asked other YUME riders if they have ever had issues, and luckily it does not seem like there is a major issue. I find the best way to make the stem feel firm is to latch up the scooter, turn its on its side, and tighten the 10mm nut on the bottom of the latch.

When you tighten the latch up, it makes the scooter feel rock solid and removes the flex on the stem that can feel sloppy. If you don’t tighten this bolt, the scooter will feel unstable when stoppy at high speeds.

Who should get the YUME Y10 escooter?

The YUME Y10 has incredible features. I can’t find a more versatile scooter that offers so much value for such a low price. You can use the YUME Y10 for street riding or to rip it off-road.

The look of the YUME Y10 screams off-roading beast. The Y10 is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. With dual 1200 watt motors and hybrid off-roading tires, the Y10 terrorizes dirt single tracks.

The Y10 gives you an excellent all around scooter at an astounding price. If you don’t mind a few quirks and flaws, and want the best bang for your buck, the YUME Y10 is a great option!

Who should avoid the YUME Y10 escooter?

The YUME Y10 is not for the person who wants a refined look. YUME makes awesome scooters but some of their lines are not as clean compared to VSETT and Kaabo.

If you want the sexiest scooter on the market, the YUME Y10 escooter will not win any beauty pageants, but it will have the best cost per features.

If you are not very handy and not close to electric scooter repair shops, I would not suggest buying the YUME Y10. YUME does not yet have a big after sales service network set up.

They will send you parts and exchange warrantied scooters, but there may be a delay due to the lack of an after sales network. If you are handy and can be patient, the YUME Y10 is an excellent choice.

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