Safety Tips for First Learners to Ride an Electric Scooter

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Electric scooters do not require human effort, they can wave their imagination and find inspiration in the process of sports. Ride an electric scooter, spin or bounce in squares, parks, and roads, turning the electric scooter into the next transportation tool for entertainment and fitness.

However, whether driving, taking public transportation, walking, or even seemingly simple electric scooters, there will be some safety hazards, and we should always be vigilant. Let us work together to take safety measures for the riding of electric scooters.


Riding equipment for electric scooters

  • Choose the right shoes

Under normal circumstances, sports shoes are very suitable to use electric scooters, try not to wear slippers or high heels to ride electric scooters. The size of your shoes should match the size of your feet to prevent the shoes from falling off suddenly.

  • Wear a helmet

The head is an important organ of a person, so it is more important to maintain the head during the sliding process. A quality-assured helmet can protect you from major injuries.

  • Gloves

Electric scooters have different sizes and styles of gloves, and many people use motorcycle gloves or gardening gloves instead. There is no fixed standard for electric scooter gloves, as long as you choose non-slip gloves that fit your hand.

  • Knee pads and wrist guards

Knee pads and wrist pads can work together to protect you from joint damage during riding. Lightweight plastic knee pads are worth recommending.



  • Beginners should slide on the road with a small slope, gradually increasing the difficulty.

  • Don't slide on wet or excessively volatile roads.

  • Try to use original parts for electric scooters, otherwise risky failures may occur.

  • Before riding, adjust the height of the handrail to suit your height.

  • Ensure the normal use of the brakes before riding and how to use the brakes

  • Fill the bearing with oil regularly to reduce the sliding resistance.

  • Don't easily try to do difficult movements or imitate professional movements

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