Unboxing: YUME M10 Electric Scooter

YUME M10 electric Scooter Unboxing ! Hands down, the best scooter under $2000 now!

Watch our video to understand why it's a GAME CHANGER e scooter ! 

Today we are unboxing one of the most EXCITING and THE BEST PRICE to SPEC ratio e-scooter

on the market in 2022. It's hard to believe, but for only $1699 (use our link to save $100), it

has a lot of TOP and high-end features! The YUME M10 scooter features dual 2000W motors,

remote keys with an alarm feature, turn signals, hybrid off-road tires, DUAL ADJUSTABLE

SUSPENSION, Zoom hydraulic brakes and much more! In our opinion, it certainly deserves

to be in the best top 10 budget electric scooters of 2022! Watch our other electric reviews and guides.

✔️43 Mph / 70 Kmh

✔️1000W x dual motor

✔️Battery 22.5AH - great range

✔️Dual Adjustable suspension

✔️DOPE LED lights with remote control

 YUME M10Links:  Click here 

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