YUME Review: Top Rated Electric Scooter

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YUME X11 Electric Scooter is one of the most cost-effective products currently available on the Yumeway website. 

The braking mechanism and suspension system plays a crucial role in keeping the Yume X11 Electric Scooter stable and safe. The lighting system is almost identical to that of the YUME X13 and YUME X7.

When it comes to the design and shape, the company has maintained the same quality. However, there are certain aspects where the company has compromised. For instance, the performance stats are comparatively low.

In this article, we have mentioned and discussed the critical performance and useful features to let you know where this electric scooter stands out.

There are definitely some aspects where the YUME X11 Electric Scooter will lag behind; however, you need to know these features. After reading our detailed review, you will be able to make a decision regarding whether to purchase this vehicle or not.

YUME X11 Review: Top Rated Electric Scooter

Design And Build

The Yumeway corporation has put a lot of effort into designing the YUME X11 Electric Scooter. It weighs around 110 pounds (roughly 48 kilograms) so you can classify it among portable scooters that you can carry up the stairs.

The design allows the rider to fold and unfold it without much trouble. The outer is made of aluminum alloy that is both rust-free and lighter than other metallic alloys. Moreover, the handlebar is ergonomically designed to make your rides comfortable. The tires are pneumatic with no inner tube so shock absorption is great.

The stem has two angel eyes lights and the main headlight to aid you while you are traveling at night. An LED light strip is integrated around the deck to make the YUME X11 Electric Scooter more eye-catching.


When it comes to the performance stats, the YUME X11 Electric Scooter is one of the best vehicles available in the market. We know that the YUME X11 Electric Scooter does not go past the 100 kilometers per hour mark but it does reach 50 miles per hour (81 kilometers per hour).

This speed limit is surely the best that you would find in this price range. The range of distance is also impressive as this efficient electric scooter covers 60 miles (97 kilometers) in one complete charge. However, these stats are entirely dependent on the weight that is put on the motor. The heavier the weight, the shorter the distance and speed limit.

The maximum weight that the YUME X11 Electric Scooter can bear is 150 kilograms so you have to keep that in mind. Anything over this weight limit can impact your vehicle’s performance or damage it irreparably.

Electric Motor

The YUME X11 Electric Scooter is not as good as X7 and X13 in motor power but still, it is a force to reckon with. It contains dual motors for better performance and strength.

We all know that the integration of dual motors is a compulsory feature to have in an electric scooter. The total wattage of the motors is 5000 watts (2500 watts each) so you can easily carry backpacks and other accessories whilst traveling.

Battery Life And Charging

The battery life is also very impressive. As we have already discussed, the maximum distance range is 97 kilometers per charging cycle. However, the battery takes a long time to fill up as well. The Yumeway corporation has integrated a dual-charging mechanism to reduce the charging time.

Despite such measures, it takes six long hours to charge up completely. The power and battery life are exemplary considering that the price is below two thousand dollars but you have to plan your trips thoughtfully.


Stability is an important feature to consider before purchasing an electric scooter. You would need a scooter that can absorb the shocks that you might experience on a bumpy or uneven country road. The stability is attributable to shock absorbers, braking mechanism, and the quality of the tires installed.


The YUME X11 Electric Scooter has 11 inches wide tires with a firm grip on the surface of the road. These tires are off-road which means that they work perfectly fine on country roads, mud, and potholes. The material is pneumatic to absorb shocks without splitting up. The wide surface of the tires enables the scooter to remain stable on the road.

Suspension And Braking System

Every vehicle must have a suspension system. It allows the vehicle to mitigate the shock sustained when it jumps off the potholes and bumpers. However, the suspension system is of many types.

The ones incorporated inside the YUME X11 Electric Scooter are not as effective as other models. Moreover, the braking system is not as precise as we would have liked. The detail of the suspension and braking mechanism is mentioned in the heading below.


The safety of riders is the foremost priority of the Yumeway corporation so it has invested a lot of time in making your journey smooth and risk-free. Shock absorbing and braking mechanisms are two of the most important components as far as safety is concerned.

Brake Mechanism

The safety that the YUME X11 Electric Scooter has on offer is not quite there in the ranks with the best scooters available in the market. The company has compromised on the braking mechanism to reduce the price.

It has been integrated with a couple of hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes are not as efficient in halting a vehicle as pure hydraulic brakes but they work fine if applied in time.

Suspension System

The suspension system has a C Shaped shock absorber at the front while a couple of traditional spring suspensions are installed at the rear end. The spring suspensions work fine with mitigating shock across the coils to reduce the impact of landing.

However, the C Shaped suspension is great at absorbing the landing shock but it might feel redundant while uplifting the vehicle (unlike hydraulic suspension).


Lighting is something that you will find more adequate than all other features. There is a strong LED headlight integrated on the front to make potholes and speed bumper visible from a fair distance.


The company has also installed a couple of angel eye lights on each top side of the headlight. The headlight is placed below the angel’s eye lights because it is more focused on the road.

On the other hand, the angel eye lights are integrated to widen the visibility range and let you see what’s in front. Brake light is installed at the rear end to let people know that you are about to halt.

A couple of indicator lights are installed on either side of the brake light to let you take turns without any worry. The deck also has a light strip to make the YUME X11 Electric Scooter visible during the night.

Controlling And Handling

A ride is not enjoyable if you have a complicated set of control and monitoring systems at your disposal. However, the YUME X11 Electric Scooter has an LED display and a simple set of buttons to make it easy to operate.

LED Display

There are a couple of LED screens installed on the right-hand side of the handlebar. You can monitor all the relevant stats and information on it. The upper LED display is round in shape. It shows the speed at which you are traveling and the gear in which the vehicle is.

The lower LED screen is square-shaped and shows the remaining battery life. Most people love the segregation of LED screens because it is often difficult to read stats presented on a number-studded screen.

These screens are of high resolution and colors to make the readings visible. Moreover, rain and water would not affect it since it has better water resistance than the rest of the scooter.


The controls are simple to understand and conveniently accessible to make your ride hustle-free. You will find an on and off button for easy ignition. There is an eco turbo button and single/double motor button to handle the electric motor effectively.

The throttle has great grip and the brakes are accessible too (like we are used to in motorbikes). Below the power button, you will find a couple of buttons to flash the indicators installed at the rear end. A horn button is also available to add more to the safety.

Water Resistance

It is extremely important to have adequate water resistance technology inside the electric scooter. As we know, most of the components are electronic and you have to use the YUME X11 Electric Scooter in rainy weather.

The company has installed a water resistance technology of IP54 but we believe that this resistance is not sufficient enough in heavy rain. We would suggest you not take the YUME X11 outside when it’s raining cats and dogs.


The Yumeway corporation always provides a complete kit of accessories that you would need to have during your usage:

  1. YUME X11 Electric Scooter
  2. Two chargers for dual charging
  3. A user manual to understand the usage
  4. Yume toolkit and bag as a gift to repair and carry stuff
  5. Four seat screws
  6. Two brake pads

Is YUME X11 A Good Electric Scooter?

The YUME X11 Electric Scooter is surely amongst those electric vehicles that provide great value for the money spent. It has a great value to price ratio as the power of the motor is exemplary.

The lighting is sufficient to travel safely at night. The brake and suspension systems are efficient enough to halt the vehicle and absorb shocks on uneven surfaces.

Moreover, the body is rust-free and durable to ensure that the YUME X11 Electric Scooter does not deform when loaded with a heavyweight. The performance is great since you can travel 100 kilometers at over 80 kilometers per hour.


Who Is The YUME X11 Electric Scooter For?

The YUME X11 Electric Scooter is tailor-made for all those people who want to buy a quality electric scooter at an affordable price. It has all the necessary features that you would need for everyday usage.

Furthermore, the performance stats are sufficient enough for intercity traveling. You can travel 100 kilometers at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour so the battery lasts for quite a while.

Moreover, most braking and suspension systems are not as efficient as other high-end electric scooters but they work fine if the scooter is driven with precaution.

Teens and college students would also love the YUME X11 Electric Scooter because it is affordable and the motor power is sufficient enough to support day-to-day usage. Carrying a backpack is not a problem since the YUME X11 Electric Scooter has a weight limit of 150 kilograms.

What Makes The YUME X11 Electric Scooter So Special?

The YUME X11 Electric Scooter is not as impressive and heavy-duty as other high-end models developed by the Yumeway corporation. However, it still has the best proportion of features that you would find in a fairly affordable model.

The power of the motor is 5000 watts so it is sufficient enough to travel 100 kilometers with a speed of 90 kilometers per hour. The handling and monitoring are as simple as any other luxury electric scooter as the company has grouped the buttons smartly while the LED screens are simple to read and analyze.

The disc brakes are not on-demand but they are effective enough to halt the vehicle in a few seconds. The lighting keeps you safe while the deck LED strip makes the YUME X11 Electric Scooter eye-catching and visible during the night.

Should You Buy It?


The features offered by the YUME X11 Electric Scooter are not as impressive as other advanced models. The motor does not have power as high as Yume X13 and X7 but you should also consider the price at which the YUME X11 is available.

The YUME X11 costs two thousand dollars so the company has developed a fairly affordable electric scooter that can at least impress people demanding average stats. The look and design are as fancy as other models and the handling is great as well.

One of the main problems that you would face is inadequate water resistance and long charging time. However, these deficiencies are generally found in all Yumeway models.

The motor could have been a bit stronger and the braking system is not that impressive either. Despite lower motor power, the company has managed to maintain a considerable set of performance stats.

The YUME X11 Electric Scooter is tailor-made for day-to-day usage. It is not high-end so you need to save just two thousand dollars before purchasing an electric scooter of your own.

Just make sure that you plan your trips precisely so that the battery does not run out amidst traveling. The charging time is long so it would be very hard to charge it on-demand.

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